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Download our iOS or Android app and try out the portfolio function free for 15 days before making up your mind. Our app also comes with two new features not found on our website:

  • An alert function where you can set alerts on fund or SET prices and dividend payout dates.

  • A transaction queue function where you can enter today's transaction before the NAV is announced.

Please visit our app's website ( iOS/ Android) for more information. Thank you so much for your continual support and we hope you enjoy Thai Funds Today app!

What's New?

Portfolio snapshot!

Dec 22, 2013


Now you can look at the overall performance (daily, YTD and cumulative) for your portfolio in details. We've summarized all those in an easy-to-read table under TFT Port Analysis .

Analyze this!

Sep 08, 2013


ThaiFundsToday introduces the TFT Port Analysis to help you see the big picture! Your portfolio composition is displayed on a pie chart by fund symbol, fund type and institution.

Your holdings (top 5 only when categorized by fund symbol) are shown in detailed on two bars, the top one displaying the cost and the bottom one the current market value.

All about DIVIDENDS!!

Aug 26, 2013


We have added a dividend tab to individual fund's page that summarizes the dividend information about that particular fund. Annualized yields in the past five years are displayed at the top, followed by a table showing the dividend payouts . With this table, you can see its payout frequency and pattern in a glance! (Might help you make an educated guess on the date of the upcoming payment.) Detailed historical payouts (including the XD dates) are listed at the bottom.

"Switching" is Up And Running!

Aug 26, 2013


We've added the Switch transaction to the transaction form. However our auto-filled prices may not take into account the switching fees. You can override the prices shown in case there is a discrepancy.

Auto-lookup Transaction Price

Aug 26, 2013


Now, when you add a transaction, a bid or offer Price will automatically show up if you have filled in the Symbol and the Date . Then, once you have also entered the transaction Cost (or Revenue ), the Quantity will be automatically calculated and you can then submit the transaction form.

How consistent is your fund's performance over time?

Aug 22, 2013


Now you can find out whether the funds you are interested in have been performing consistently over different time periods with our new percentile rankings chart feature.

For each fund, we plot the percentile ranks of its past performances over different time periods (compared to the rest of the funds in the same category). The higher the percentile value, the better the rank. For example, a fund at the 75th percentile means that 75% of all the funds being compared have performed worse than this fund (for a given time period). This new chart will help you see the consistency of each fund's performance over time. Find this new feature on our newly redesigned funds' pages!

For the funds that pay dividend, we have also put each fund's dividend information on its own tab for your convenience.


How Much Dividend Have You Received?

Aug 09, 2013


Your portfolio account will also now keep track of your dividend payout history! Look for it under the Transaction History section. Your total dividend received is also summarized under the Gain/Loss section. The gain column in your portfolio table will still represent only your unrealized profits (market value - cost basis) and will not include any effects from the dividend received. The overall return column , on the other hand, will be updated to take the dividend received into account.

Percentage Return with Dividend

Aug 06, 2013


On each fund's page, you can now choose to view past performance in NAV (Baht) , in % change in NAV , or in % change in return (this takes into account the dividend). The last option is only available if any of the funds being compared on the graph has a dividend.

Track Yearly LTF/RMF Purchases

Aug 06, 2013


Easily track your LTF/RMF purchases with our new LTF/RMF tracker available in your Portfolio. Click under the Portfolio tab and the LTF/RMF T sub-tab.

Your LTF and RMF purchases are listed in two separate tables. Set the target amount you want to purchase each year and see how much more you have to buy before the end of this year to help you save on taxes.

Dynamic Average Cost Line

Aug 06, 2013


See how your Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy is working with our dynamic average cost line that shows how your average cost for each fund changes over time.

Find this new feature under each transaction summary in your portfolio.

New and Improved Portfolio!

Jul 29, 2013


All the important information in your portfolio, right at your fingertip! We have added detailed information on each of your fund, and it is easily accessible through the . We have summarized the cost basis, number of remaining units, unrealized and realized gain/loss, as well as overall return. The transaction history is listed under the summary and the fund performance is provided in a graphic format. The graph can be viewed in three modes: NAV (in Baht), % change in NAV (not including dividend), and % return (takes into account the dividend payouts). We have also added a reference average cost/unit line, so you can easily see how well your fund perform relative to the current market price.

Portfolio_en2 Portfolio_en3 Portfolio_en4

For LTF & RMF owners, we have added an extra column to help remind your when those transactions (if you have used them for tax deduction benefit) are eligible for selling without you breaching the tax agreements.


Compare Dividend Yields and Payout Frequencies

Jul 21, 2013


You can now easily compare the (annualized) dividend yields and dividend payout frequencies between different funds by clicking on the Dividend Tab on the Fund Price Information page. As usual, click on the appropriate column header to sort the data by the column you are interested in – yield, payout frequency, last payout date, or last payment amount.

The annualized dividend yield is calculated by summing up the most recent full-year dividend and then dividing the sum by the current NAV price. The payout frequency is estimated from the historical dividend data.

Redesigned Fund Price Information Page

Jul 06, 2013


We have facelifted our Fund Price Information page. You can now

  • view more performance data from daily change to 5-year return. The data are categorized as short term (daily – 6 months) or long term (6 months – 5 years),
  • add selected funds directly to your watch list (sign in needed), and
  • view just the dividend D funds with our special dividend funds filter.

The old filter buttons have all been grouped together in the left column.

Click here to learn more about the new features on our Fund Price Information page in the tutorial.

Compare Funds on Graph directly from your Watch List

Jul 06, 2013


You can now compare selected funds on a graph directly from your watch list. Select between NAV , % change in NAV , or % return. The last choice, % return comparison, factors in dividend information using the Modified Dietz method so that you can make a fair comparison between the performances of different funds.

Click here to learn more about the new features in your Watch List and Portolio in the tutorial.

View More Performance Data on Smartphones

Jun 24, 2013

Smartphone users can now view 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year performance by clicking on on Fund Price Information page

Graph Your Portfolio Performance

Jun 18, 2013

You can now graph your portfolio performance over time on My Portfolio page. Find the graph options under the portfolio tab. You can plot the market value or gain (฿ or %) of your entire portfolio or just a group of selected funds of your holdings over time.

Rank, Compare Funds and Identify Dividend Funds

Jun 18, 2013

We have added a few new features to the fund price information page and individual fund pages our website. You can now